Robotics Teams

BAMA helped sponsor the home-schooled Trinity robotics teams #6430 and #6430B, The Trinity Dragons, to compete at the World Championship in Kentucky in April 2015. Here is a video of their adventure. Great job, Dragons!

Trinity robotics teams 6430 A/B competed in Miami on Oct. 11, 2015. Their A team won the tournament and B team came in second. Currently, they are 1st (team 6430-B)and 3rd (team 6430-A) in the World for Robot skills; and 1st and 8th for programming skills in the world. For the past two years, BAMA has sponsored this club.

Our newest team to support - The East Lake Team 79 Krunch Robotics

See attached donation receipt

BAMA also supports the Robotics Team at Middleton High School in Tampa.

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