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Manufacturing Roundtable 

Microsoft, BlockSpaces and MLC CAD 

September 10th at the Rusty Pelican at 5:30 pm

$20.00 BAMA Manufacturing Members

$25.00 Non-BAMA Manufacturer

All attendees will have a chance to win

2 tickets to the December 8th Bucs Game!

Microsoft Industry Solutions | HoloLens

Thrive in the changing manufacturing landscape with digital solutions. Find out how manufacturers are using intelligent technologies to innovate and adapt to new challenges. 

  • Optimize factories and supply chains with digital manufacturing technology.
  • Empower and equip your workforce with the skills to succeed in a digital manufacturing environment.
  • Draw insights using AI and your own manufacturing data to drive innovation


Blockchain is a rapidly emerging technology that many people associate with headline grabbing, bitcoin. This virtual currency system is already transforming the financial services industry by eschewing a central authority to issue currency, transfer ownership, and confirm transactions. But bitcoin is only first application of blockchain technology. Blockchain has the potential to be just as transformative for the manufacturing industry, and, far from something ‘coming down the line’, its distributed ledger technology already offers companies a genuine way in which to drive connectedness and streamline operations like never before. This session will give a brief overview of the history and technical aspects of blockchain, and how leaders in the manufacturing industry are proposing using it to streamline inefficiencies and stay ahead of their competition.

MLC CAD(a licensed Solidworks provider)

MLC CAD Systems has decades of industry experience in 3D design, subtractive, and additive solutions from SOLIDWORKS, Mastercam, and Markforged.  You'll have a chance to learn and ask questions of their award winning application experts.

The event will feature hand passed appetizers, one drink ticket per person, cash bar & dessert. There will be a lot idea-sharing, interaction, networking and relationship building.

To add to the learning event and sharing of ideas, BAMA manufacturing members can submit innovations implemented in their operation and present a 60-second “innovation minute” at the RoundTable event. 

BAMA Jeopardy will top off the evening to for a fun way to determine who learned the most from the presentations. 

The evening will be action-packed, filled with learning, lots of member interaction and relationship building!

This event is for BAMA Manufacturing Members.  If you are a Manufacturer and you are not a member of BAMA, we would love to have you attend.  Contact Beth to register for the event at beth@bama-fl.org or 727-536-5809.  Remember, as a Manufacturing Member of BAMA, you can add others from your company to your BAMA membership.  If there is someone from your organization you feel would benefit from attending, contact Beth about adding them to your membership and registering them for this exciting evening. 

Please register by September 9th.

What is the BAMA Roundtable all about?

The purpose of BAMA's Manufacturing RoundTable is to provide a collaborative forum for sharing manufacturing know how, best practices and to leverage the synergy between its members in order to accelerate companies' growth, competitiveness and profitability. The events contain both presented content and interactive group activities. The committee selects topics that are relevant and timely for the membership.

If you join the RoundTable committee, you would help to organize and promote up to four RoundTable’s per year. Responsibilities may include:

  • Reaching out to BAMA members to get their input on relevant topics
  • Promoting the upcoming RoundTable event with the BAMA members
  • Attending the BAMA RoundTable to help facilitate a successful event
  • Help with the logistics of the RoundTable
  • Come up with ideas on how to improve the RoundTable events

If you are interested in joining the RoundTable committee, reach out to our committee chair:

Bob Kinney



Previous Roundtable Events:

  • How do you know you have an effective Quality Management System?  Click here for a link to the presentation

  • The Value of Pursuing Outside Awards & Recognitions for Your Company

  • The importance of improving production flow for your business

  • Visual Management Best Practices

  • How to Start and Maintain an Effective Lean Program that will Deliver Results   

  • Lean Strategic Planning   

  • Measuring What Matters: How to Establish a Continuous Improvement Program That Works

  • EZ Kaizen - A Better Approach to an Employee Suggestion System

Roundtable Chairperson:

If you are interested in joining the RoundTable committee, reach out to our committee chair:

Bob Kinney



These Roundtables are offered to facilitate discussion and determine specific focus areas of interest manufacturing members would like more support from BAMA; to provide a forum to discuss and share best practices within manufacturing members; to provide a forum to learn and provide resources to our membership to improve manufacturing competitiveness.
The Manufacturers Roundtable is another example of BAMA’s ongoing efforts to expand the strength of Tampa Bay’s manufacturing base.
If you have questions or suggestions on future RoundTable discussions, please email admin@bama-fl.org.

BAMA Recommended Reading ‘Core Material’ For Lean

General Concepts
Today and Tomorrow - Henry Ford
The Machine That Changed the World - James Womack
Lean Thinking - James Womack
Toyota Production System: Beyond Large Scale Production - Taiichi Ohno
The Toyota Way: 14 Management Principles from the World’s Greatest Manufacturer – Jeffrey Liker
The Toyota Way: Lean Leadership – Jeffrey Liker
Shopfloor Introduction
All I Needed To Know About Manufacturing I Learned In Joe’s Garage - William Miller & Vicki Schenk
One Small Step Can Change Your Life, The Kaizen Way by Robert Maurer
What’s Your Genius by Jay Niblick

Specific Tools and Techniques

Kanban: Just-In-Time at Toyota - Japan Management Association
A Study of the Toyota Production System From an Industrial Engineering Viewpoint - Shigeo Shingo
TPM Development Program: Implementing Total Productive Maintenance - Seiichi Nakajima (ed.)
Zero Quality Control: Source Inspection and the Poka-Yoke System - Shigeo Shingo
A Revolution In Manufacturing: The SMED System - Shigeo Shingo
Managerial Engineering: Techniques For Improving Quality and Productivity In the Workplace - Ryuji Fukuda
Handbook of Quality Tools: The Japanese Approach - Kazuo Ozeki & Tetsuichi Asaka
The Toyota Production System - Yasuhiro Monden

Shingijustu Kaizen Lecture Series (4 videos) – Available from: TBM Institute
Shingijutsu Jidoka (video) – There are two different versions: Sheet Metal Fabrication and Machining Processes
Time, The Next Dimension of Quality (video) – Presents a methodology for analyzing business processes to eliminate waste. – Available from: CRM Films
The Winner’s Circle (video) – Demonstrates the gains achieved by setup reduction by examining the functioning of a race car pit crew.
Toast Kaizen – The basic before condition and the target condition of a manufacturing or transaction based process using key elements of lean thinking - GBMP

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