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Manufacturing RoundTable Discussions

What is the BAMA Roundtable all about?

The purpose of BAMA's Manufacturing Round Tables is provide a collaborative forum for sharing manufacturing know how, best practices and to leverage the synergy between its members in order to accelerate companies' growth, competitiveness and profitability.

The Bay Area Manufacturers Association (BAMA) Manufacturers RoundTable Forums focus on areas of interest for area manufacturers and are designed to promote sharing of best practices to its members with a goal of improving our manufacturing business base.

This Roundtable event will provide participants insight on how to get a Lean program going in an effective way for your business. How to do it in a cost effective way, with organizational buy-in and obtain results! This event will provide BAMA members another opportunity to collaborate with other Manufacturing Roundtable participants to gain valuable insights that can be applied to their own business.

Previous Roundtable Events:

  • How do you know you have an effective Quality Management System?  Click here for a link to the presentation

  • The Value of Pursuing Outside Awards & Recognitions for Your Company

  • The importance of improving production flow for your business

  • Visual Management Best Practices

  • How to Start and Maintain an Effective Lean Program that will Deliver Results   

  • Lean Strategic Planning   

  • Measuring What Matters: How to Establish a Continuous Improvement Program That Works

  • EZ Kaizen - A Better Approach to an Employee Suggestion System

Roundtable Committee:

Jim Long, Vice President & General Manager, Sypris Electronics

Patti Holland, Belac, LLC

Bill Mazurek, Continuous Improvement Consultant

Lucas Sauer

Sue Englander, President of EEI Manufacturing Services

These Roundtables are offered to facilitate discussion and determine specific focus areas of interest manufacturing members would like more support from BAMA; to provide a forum to discuss and share best practices within manufacturing members; to provide a forum to learn and provide resources to our membership to improve manufacturing competitiveness.
The Manufacturers Roundtable is another example of BAMA’s ongoing efforts to expand the strength of Tampa Bay’s manufacturing base.
If you have questions or suggestions on future RoundTable discussions, please email admin@bama-fl.org.

BAMA Recommended Reading ‘Core Material’ For Lean

General Concepts
Today and Tomorrow - Henry Ford
The Machine That Changed the World - James Womack
Lean Thinking - James Womack
Toyota Production System: Beyond Large Scale Production - Taiichi Ohno
The Toyota Way: 14 Management Principles from the World’s Greatest Manufacturer – Jeffrey Liker
The Toyota Way: Lean Leadership – Jeffrey Liker
Shopfloor Introduction
All I Needed To Know About Manufacturing I Learned In Joe’s Garage - William Miller & Vicki Schenk
One Small Step Can Change Your Life, The Kaizen Way by Robert Maurer
What’s Your Genius by Jay Niblick

Specific Tools and Techniques

Kanban: Just-In-Time at Toyota - Japan Management Association
A Study of the Toyota Production System From an Industrial Engineering Viewpoint - Shigeo Shingo
TPM Development Program: Implementing Total Productive Maintenance - Seiichi Nakajima (ed.)
Zero Quality Control: Source Inspection and the Poka-Yoke System - Shigeo Shingo
A Revolution In Manufacturing: The SMED System - Shigeo Shingo
Managerial Engineering: Techniques For Improving Quality and Productivity In the Workplace - Ryuji Fukuda
Handbook of Quality Tools: The Japanese Approach - Kazuo Ozeki & Tetsuichi Asaka
The Toyota Production System - Yasuhiro Monden

Shingijustu Kaizen Lecture Series (4 videos) – Available from: TBM Institute
Shingijutsu Jidoka (video) – There are two different versions: Sheet Metal Fabrication and Machining Processes
Time, The Next Dimension of Quality (video) – Presents a methodology for analyzing business processes to eliminate waste. – Available from: CRM Films
The Winner’s Circle (video) – Demonstrates the gains achieved by setup reduction by examining the functioning of a race car pit crew.
Toast Kaizen – The basic before condition and the target condition of a manufacturing or transaction based process using key elements of lean thinking - GBMP

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