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The Employee Assessment is a combination of two world class assessments used to: 1) Assist with Screening/Hiring new employees and 2) Retention, Professional Development, Employee Engagement, Benchmarking and Coaching for current employees. Also great for Team Building, Communication Skills and Emotional Intelligence workshops for your team.

These Employee Assessment tools are the most qualified, validated, and comprehensive on the market today and are used by: Google, Microsoft,         HP, IBM,  AT&T, Carrier, 3M, CAT, Citi, Intel, J&J, Kraft, The PGA, Coca-Cola, Southwest Airlines, UPS, Yale Law, and 10,000 other organizations in 42 countries.

Only $375/month for unlimited access with your own account! Debriefing Certification and Support available. 

Contact Paula DeLuca today to learn more. 



Managing Conflict in Manufacturing

- 4 Hour Skills Workshop

- 2 Tuesdays, 8/19 & 8/26, 2021

- 9:00 - 11:00 AM

- $399 member pricing  $599 non-member pricing

Whether it smolders just beneath the surface or becomes open warfare, conflict can paralyze your group, department, or the entire organization. And once initiated, the unpleasant task of resolving conflicts falls on your shoulders. Disagreements are not only inevitable but a natural dynamic between people. 

Based on the time-tested principles from "Win Friends and Influence People in the Digital Age," this program prescribes the best approaches for effectively dealing with conflicts, so you can resolve issues while maintaining positive relationships. In this Live-Online Workshop, you will gain insights into your personality and reactions when dealing with differences of opinion surrounding your “hot buttons.”

What You’ll Learn

  • Learn to diagnose conflict before it intensifies and then apply appropriate conflict resolution techniques.
  • Learn a variety of strategies for managing conflict
  • Practice expressing yourself in a way that promotes acceptance, agreeable outcomes, and improved productivity

Why you want to learn it

• Find the hidden agenda that’s really fueling the battle
• Encourage collaborative problem solving and gain consensus
• Use the six rules for disagreeing agreeably

Hiring Top Performers

4 Hour Skills Workshop

- 2 Thursdays, 9/16 & 9/23, 2021

- 9:00 - 11:00 AM

- $399 member pricing  $599 non-member pricing

Research suggest that top performers are as much as 4 times as productive as average performers. Challenge is, how do you find and hire them? Retention begins with effective interviewing and hiring.

This workshop explores and practices:

• How to Find Candidates and Screen their Resume

• Learning the 4 Step Process to Hire

• Understand How to Conduct a Phone Screen

• Identify the Key Challenges to Hiring

Leadership Training for New Managers and Supervisors in Manufacturing

8 Hour Skills Workshop

- 4 Thursdays, 10/7 , 14, 21, & 28, 2021

- 9:00 - 11:00 AM

- $799 member pricing  $1199 non-member pricing

It takes training to transform a top performer or a good supervisor into an effective and engaging leader. This program focuses on the essential skills necessary to build strong teams and equip new leaders with the right attitudes to step up and take charge. It is specifically designed to address the challenges that new leaders face, to help them change their mindset, and to give them confidence with proven strategies and tools that are used by the most successful leaders.

Completion of this workshop will empower participants to:

  • Learn what it takes to be a successful leader in today’s workplace
  • Understand how you will need to evolve from a top performer to an emerging leader
  • Apply proven human relations techniques that will motivate and empower your team
  • Convey honesty, integrity, and accountability
  • Use authority and influence appropriately
  • Increase self-awareness
  • Model effective interpersonal communication

How to Get Results without Authority

- 2 Hour Skills Workshop

- Thursday, 11/18/2021

- 9:00 - 11:00 AM

- $199 member pricing  $299 non-member pricing

Organizations have changed – there is now a mix of top-down authority and work where no single person is “the boss.” Success often depends on gaining the cooperation of people and resources that you do not have direct authority over.

Completion of this workshop will empower participants to:

  • Define and identify the critical role of trust, credibility, and respect for getting results.
  • Follow the 5 steps to overcoming self-doubt and build self-confidence.
  • Identify the most common people challenges leaders face in getting results when they lack authority.

Leading Across Generations

4 Hour Skills Workshop

- 2 Thursdays, 12/9 & 12/16, 2021

- 9:00 - 11:00 AM

- $399 member pricing  $599 non-member pricing

Leading and managing multigenerational teams has become essential to building a successful team. Today’s workforce may be comprised of as many as four generations working side-by-side. Each generation has a: unique mindset / work style/ and way of communicating.

Completion of this workshop will empower participants to:

  • Identify the values, expectations, and issues that shape the multigenerational work environment
  • Follow the eight guidelines for fostering cross-generational relationships
  • Leverage the many communication tips specific to each generation
  • Use the tools provided to coach and provide feedback to typical members of each generation

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