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Zeiss CMM Fundraiser 

The Florida Advanced Technological Education Center (FLATE, http://fl-ate.org/) has been working with the state’s colleges to develop two-year Engineering Technology programs for over a decade now.

The ET programs provide Florida with a flow of skilled labor for our growing manufacturing job market that is constantly looking for talent. The program at Hillsborough Community College has a breadth of equipment and tools to provide a comprehensive education in manufacturing, but like many of the programs the curriculum doesn’t include the advance equipment used by Quality groups like CMMs because of lack of equipment.

HCC’s ET lab has a Zeiss CMM that was donated some years ago, but unfortunately has never had anyone willing to take up the torch to get it running. FLATE industry volunteers have been working with the team at HCC to do so, but some funds are required to pay for the repair/maintenance, calibration, and some replacement parts to keep in stock.

The goal is to raise $4500 to kickstart the project, and the HCC Foundation will provide sustaining support from grants in the following years. FLATE’s Industrial Advisory Committee Chairperson, Pete Cirak, has already donated $1500, and challenges the members of BAMA to match his contribution. If you’re interested in supporting such an endeavor you can easily make a tax deductible contribution at https://hccfoundation.com/donate/ thank-you-for-giving-to-the-hcc-foundation/. Be sure to select “ET CMM” in the “Designation Field”, so that your contribution is earmarked for the correct program.

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