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Please contact your legislators regarding the Sales Tax Exemption on Manufacturing Machinery and Equipment

March 12, 2013 2:13 PM | Anonymous

Dear MAF Members:

Thank you for what you have done to advocate for the manufacturing sales tax exemption to date and what you will be asked to do over the next eight weeks!

The Governor’s Office has asked for your help, each one of you, MAF member companies, regional manufacturing associations and their members,  in impressing on all of our state legislators just how important it is to remove the last remnants of the sales tax exemption on manufacturing machinery and equipment.  Some feel that manufacturers are apathetic about this exemption.  Because it means a loss of $140 million to the state budget, it is a big deal!  “It doesn’t matter to me” is not an acceptable response from any manufacturer in Florida!

I know that the paperwork burden of showing 5% productivity in order to get a sales tax exemption on manufacturing machinery and equipment may be more or less burdensome depending on your situation, but for the good of the whole, we need everyone’s help in writing a letter or making a phone call to their legislator.  We must let the Legislature know that if they allocate $140 million to the manufacturing sales tax exemption that your savings will propel the economy forward in many ways. 

MAF is striving to make Florida the #1 manufacturing business destination.  In order to compete with surrounding states, this sales tax exemption is very important. 

Attached are sample letters you can customize with company information and personal stories to send to your Senators and Representatives in Florida.  Also attached are Excel spread sheets with their contact information.  Lastly, we have attached a number of informative pieces written lately, the first color piece is from the Governor’s Office, the Naples News article ran earlier this week, and MANUFACTS is a document that we continue to update and add to, but might have a few gems in it for your letters.   

Please don’t delay.  Lets make a big splash while its on everyone’s mind!

Lastly, I would love to get a copy of your letter and know what feedback you got, good or bad.

Best wishes and many thanks! 

Nancy D. Stephens, CAE
Executive Director

Sample Letter for Manufacturers to Send to House Members

Sample Letter for Manufacturers to Send to Senators

Legislator Emails.xlsx

Bay Area Manufacturers Association

P.O. Box 167

1324 Seven Springs Blvd

New Port Richey, FL 34655 



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