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2023 Florida Manufacturing Report

January 02, 2024 10:50 AM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

Working with the Department, FloridaMakes had the opportunity to compile the initial draft under their direction and review. This report was the culmination of several months of effort, led principally by Zoraida Velasco and Mike Aller, with significant network staff support in the research, development, and drafting phases of the effort. As well, the Florida Commerce Workforce Statistics and Economics Research team, led by Jimmy Heckman, contributed significantly to the research, analysis, and in shaping the overall structure of the report. In mid-November, the draft was delivered to the Secretary for review, input, and editing. The report highlights the impactful work the stakeholders in our manufacturing ecosystem collectively undertake to support and elevate the manufacturing economy in Florida.

As you dive into the 2023 Florida Manufacturing Report, know that it was our hope in drafting that the readers – policymakers, industry leaders, and citizens alike -- will gain a more comprehensive understanding of the importance of manufacturing to our economy and the role it will continue to play in advancing our standard of living. Further, it is our hope to those same policymakers, industry leaders, and citizens all gain a better appreciation for including “manufacturing” as an integral part of Florida’s brand identity. 

We believe this report has the potential to make a significant impact on our initiatives to elevate manufacturing in Florida. We hope you will find valuable insights into key trends, challenges, and opportunities within the manufacturing landscape. Further, we believe that this document will not only serve as a valuable resource for our internal teams but also as a powerful tool for us to leverage in advocating for the growth and success of manufacturing in our state.

Please click the image below to read the 2023 Florida Manufacturing Report

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