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Nominations are open for MAF Business of the Year

May 06, 2016 1:55 PM | Anonymous

Nominations are open for MAF Manufacturer/Distributor/Supplier/Logistics Business of the Year Awards for 2016. Anyone or entity can nominate a company in Florida for these awards AND companies may self nominate. Please download these three forms to get more information.

The deadlines are as follows:
• July 29, 2016 is the deadline for nominations
• August 5, 2016 is the deadline for nominated companies to return their company questionnaire (applications)

All nominations, questions and applications should be sent to Jeff Littlejohn, WSource, jml@wsourcegroup.com; 850.363.9644.

There are some new features in the awards program this year.
• The Distributor category has been expanded to suppliers and logistics companies.
• Any company who is, or becomes, an MAF member by July 29, 2016 AND who becomes a finalist in the competition will receive the MAF Seal of Excellence designation. This is a designation the company may use to promote their company and MAF will prominantly display the companies with this designation on the MAF website, along with the Winners of the Year. It is another prestigious designation that will set MAF members who achieve this status apart from other manufacturers in the state. If you have not thought about nominating your company in the past, think about it this year!
• Our new lead judge is Jeff Littlejohn, WSource. His contact information is above.

As always, any RMA member or MAF member is eligible to compete for these awards. This year the awards dinner will be on Wednesday, November 16 in Gainesville, Florida. Finalists are expected to attend. Winners will be announced at the awards dinner and all finalists and judges will be recognized for their achievements.

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