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Unless it specifies, anyone may attend a BAMA dinner, lunch or breakfast meeting. If you are not a member, there generally is a charge.  Please remember that soliciting business from other attendees at any BAMA event is not allowed.

Dinner Meetings
BAMA holds dinner meetings where manufacturers have the opportunity to work together and exchange ideas and information on a one-to-one basis. At each meeting, BAMA also presents a speaker, panel discussion, or other presentation on a wide variety of pertinent topics. These are presented by experts in their field who are also available to answer questions from individual members. The BAMA dinner meetings are usually held the third Thursday every other month.

Lunch 'n Learns
We periodically schedule Lunch 'n Learns (and breakfast meetings) for our members. Others are able to participate but we strive to keep the event free for our members. If you have a topic or educational subject you would like to discuss, you must be able to pay for the lunch (or breakfast) or obtain a sponsor
Here is the form to complete if you are interested in hosting a Lunch n Learn.

Plant Tours
There is a large concentration of manufacturers in the Tampa Bay area; more than most people realize. At various times during the year, BAMA members are invited to tour other manufacturing facilities in the area. These informative, guided tours allow members to become better acquainted with the resources available from other local manufacturers, see what technologies or processes are in place and working for them, and give members a better sense of the local manufacturing community.
If you would like to invite BAMA for a tour, please use our signup form.

During the year BAMA holds seminars or workshops on a variety of timely topics… in-depth presentations by experts, featuring an agenda designed to provide detailed information on the subject. Please use the Lunch n Learn form if you have an interest hosting in a workshop.

If you have a questions, please email

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